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California Compliant

TTSI strives to be on the cutting edge of sustainability, and that carries over to our drivers. They are at the heart of our operations, and we are dedicated to treating them as such.

Therefore, TTSI is expanding its focus to be 100% California Compliant in all areas from sustainability to jobs, and is changing our slogan from:

“Staying A Step Ahead and Leaving Small Footprints”
“California Compliant”

Big Changes

Over the past few years, California courts define commercial drivers as employees, and describe how they are to be compensated. This has brought big changes to the transportation industry.

Misclassification lawsuits still persist, and drivers must be viewed in a different light.

This ensures golden state transportation companies must hire drivers, or work with Licensed Motor Carriers (LMC). Previously companies contracted independent owner operators.

Drivers must be paid piecemeal and hourly.

The State of California established guidelines that if drivers are paid piecemeal (by the mile, or by the load), they must also be compensated hourly while doing all other duties. Examples are: wait times, pre-trip and post-trip inspections, and breaks. Previously, industry norm was to pay piecemeal only.

We’re staying a step ahead

In addition to implementing the new state guidelines, TTSI has streamlined its driver logs from paper and pen to On-board Electronic Logs. This ensures drivers can now more easily and accurately log trips and hours.

And leaving small footprints…

We are expanding our fleet of sustainable tractor trailers, and are very excited about the new zero emission fleet we are launching. More on that coming soon!

We are dedicated to our drivers, reducing our footprint, and providing our customers with outstanding service.