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Vision Industries Hydrogen Fuel Truck Press Conference

The Port of Los Angeles has played a key role in the funding and development of the world's first ever zero-emission hydrogen fuel cell-electric Class 8 truck through the Technology Advancement Program (T.A.P.) a joint program with the Port of Long Beach.

Developed by Vision Industries Corp., the first zero-emission truck was delivered on Friday, July 22 to Total Transportation Services, Inc. (TTSI).

TTSI is a national trucking company that will put the zero-emission vehicle to the test in the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach on short-haul conditions for the next 6 months.

 Equipped with a hydrogen fuel cell which generates electricity to recharge the trucks electric battery, the only by-product is pure H2O, with zero-emissions or combustion.

Since Hydrogen is the most abundant resource on the planet, this technology could help pave the way to independence from imported fuel.

The heavy-duty rig will transport cargo between the ports of L.A. and Long Beach and Inland Empire warehouses and distribution centers, runs on electric batteries powered by a hydrogen fuel cell.