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Security & Safety

Security - We Take It Seriously!

In our post-911 world, providing exceptional carrier, drayage, warehousing and construction services is just not enough. The security of our client's inventory is a critical component as well. TTSI deeply believes in this philosophy.

At each of our distribution facilities, whether on the West Coast or East Coast, TTSI has installed policies and procedures aided by technology to ensure that our customer's product is secure.

Ensuring Our Drivers Are Reliable:

TTSI participates in the Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC) security program

  • We do extensive background checks on our drivers
  • We require drivers to pass both written and driving performance evaluations
  • We make sure our drivers perform all required drug-testing
  • New drivers are required to have federally mandated TWIC cards
  • New drivers are required to meet TTSI policies and procedures prior to moving 1st load
  • Participation in the Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC) security program

Freight - Ensuring the Security of Our Freight & Drivers:

  • We track all movement in transit from freight inception to freight delivery
  • Automatic alerts to dispatch if route changes and unauthorized movement occur
  • Offers portable transceivers, hidden in freight to monitor cargo movement
  • Claim Liability Management – We resolve losses and damage quickly

Facilities use 24/7 on-site security

  • Facility entrance manned by security company with security patrols
  • Off-site surveillance of guard post and facility
  • Masonry Wall 8’ to 10’ high and reinforced chain linked fencing 6’ to 8’ high
  • 8’ reinforced iron gate with secure locking mechanism
  • Appropriate signage at entrance of facility and all areas are well illuminated w/backup power
  • Camera and alarm surveillance with digital recording
  • Telephone, Two-Way Radios, and email available at guard posts 

Warehouses security designate areas for authorized personnel only

  • Pictured ID Cards are required on premises and all areas are card accessed
  • Personnel vehicles are prohibited from entry of yard or warehouse
  • License Plates and Drivers' ID (picture) are required and recorded in log
  • Delivery and pick up are controlled by Customer “PRO” Number
  • Drivers are not allowed on dock, unless escorted by management
  • Camera and Alarm Surveillance with Digital Recording
  • Trash is compacted on-site