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Services, Inc.

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A Closer Look

Complete logistics management support for your construction project.

Specialized transportation to and from job sites

Materials management and on site project support — state-of-the-art wireless inventory tracking system.

Environmental mitigation

Infrastructure Management

Logistics play a crucial and integral role in the success of any project.

TTSI supplies the construction, manufacturing, and infrastructure supply markets with expertise in transportation and materials management. Utilizing a state of art inventory management system (WMS) and proven operational processes, TTSI is able to track and provide complete visibility of materials throughout the process.

Maintaining industry standard performance on material accuracy, TTSI provides project friendly service for material delivery, storage and delivery as well as setup to closing of materials yards associated with projects.

As a nationally recognized partner of the environment, TTSI has developed a network that utilizes the most environmentally friendly equipment and procedures to support any project. View our projects.

Specialized Transportations Services

  • Flatbed
  • Drop Deck
  • Bottom Dump
  • End Dump &mdash Large material movement transportation
  • Oversized
  • Hazmat
  • Dirt / aggregate movement to and from job sites
  • Dirt aggregate movement
  • End dump
  • Flatbed transportation

Safety / Security

  • We track all movement in transit from freight inception to freight delivery through GPS (Qualcomm)
  • We have automatic scheduled location and exception reporting that alerts our dispatch if route deviations and unauthorized movement occur (geo fencing capable)
  • We can offer portable transceivers, which can be hidden in your freight to monitor your cargo’s movement
  • TTSI consistently achieves high ratings with CA and US DOT on safe operation

On Site Project Support

Yard Setup
  • Site preparation
  • Fencing
  • Security
  • Environmental Mitigation
  • Fencing
  • Helipad installation
  • Organized storage
  • Qualcomm GPS tracking
  • Security
  • Site preparation

Infrastructure Management Targets

High-value set of supply chain and logistics services
  • Companies engaged in large infrastructure construction and deployment
  • Transportation infrastructure for projects such as high-speed trains and airports, highways and bridges
  • Buildings and surroundings
  • Gas pipelines
  • High-voltage electricity transmission power lines

Infrastructure Management Service

Primary responsibility and focus is to our client
  • We place an emphasis on service and satisfaction
  • Our team continually strives to deliver the highest quality services

We embrace the concept of a fully integrated system

  • Successfully complete your project on time and within budget with the personnel and resources you need.
  • Flexible organization - a single point of contact and a cohesive, experienced team from the beginning though the completion of all projects
  • Qualified project management staff maintains clear and effective communication between the client, the project team, and other key project participants. We give our clients the best mix of specialized “hands on” experience to better serve our client’s interests

Transportation Follow Through

We make freight movement visible to you
  • Real time shipment tracking
  • Complete transaction audit trail
  • Electronic/fax/e0mail order shipment receipts
  • Document imaging
  • Customized electronic reporting

Summary of Services

TTSI has a fully integrated project team that has a strong experience and understanding of your project needs.
  • Warehousing value added services
  • Purchasing and sourcing
  • Movement and management of materials
  • Drayage and intermodal transportation services
  • Transportation management
  • Freight forwarding
  • Site utilization plan (yard set-up and management)
  • Site preparation, management and security
  • Information technology (inventory tracking, communications and control management system)